James Hergott

Premiere at Cannes Film Festival

My first feature film "All That I Need" premiered at Cannes in 2005 and went on to be theatrically released in Multiplexes through Regal Entertainment Group

On the red carpet in Cannes


It was a privilege to film UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre at the height of his career.

Squaring off with GSP in his house

Hosting "Generation Iron" Movie Premier 

One of the highlights of my career was Introducing "Generation Iron" at New York & LA world premieres.  

With Mr. Olympia Phil Heath


In 2009 I was honoured to film the first MMA fights in an active war zone in Mosul, Iraq. Receiving Greywolf Medal from the US Army



-Interviewed Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson in one of the highest praised interviews on YouTube:  "Great conversation James! you have raised so many important questions. I enjoyed listening to you as much as to Dr. Peterson. It is incredibly inspiring to see there are some amazing thinkers out there not only at universities. I believe you are doing a very important job by spreading the word of Dr. Peterson. Thank you! (and I do agree with everything you said:)" and "This is by far the best interview or discussion I've seen.  This is the way you interview a smart clinical psychologist.  He's a listener and a conversationalist. James has obviously integrated the Doctor's material.  His questions and comments show it.".

-Producer, director and host of the multi-season, multi-episode, fitness reality show entitled "Radical Body Transformation" (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) which currently premiers on NPCNewsonline as well as Synaptop the world's first interactive live events platform for virtual engagement with large audiences.

-Associate produced the 7 part bodybuilding and fitness series, SWOLE, for VICE media (2016, 2017)

-Made a deal on CBC's Dragon's Den with Canadian business tycoon, Jim Treliving (2014)

-Business director and creative consultant for "Generation Iron" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and narrated by Mickey Rourke (2013)

-Wrote and executive produced the UFC Champion, Georges St-Pierre, documentary entitled “The Striking Truth” (2010)

-Filmed a documentary about the first ever MMA Fights in Iraq entitled "A Fight For The Troops" (2010)

-Wrote, directed and produced ten episodes of the MMA reality show, "MMA Worldwide", which was distributed nationally on Mark Cuban’s HDNET (now AXS TV) (2009)

-President of the Beverly Hills publicly traded entertainment company, Imperia Entertainment, which produced multiple multi-million dollar TV and Film Ventures including $5 million dollar+ budgeted "Say It In Russian" staring Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway (2005 – 2007)

-First movie, “All That I Need”, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and was released in multiplexes theatrically across the US (2005)

-National level bodybuilder  


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In 2017 I interviewed Professor Dr. Jordan B Peterson
in one of the highest acclaimed interviews ever conducted with him.


Filming Arnold for Radical Body Transformation.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger