​​​​​Experienced Filmmaker Brings Unique YouTube Opportunity to Kids/Teens and Their Parents to Southern California

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA., January 29th, 2018 — Toronto and California based Filmmaker James Hergott brings his extensive entertainment experience and connections to Kids/Teens and Parents in a unique opportunity to become the next YouTube sensation by providing a seminar which shows the tricks of the trade and knowledge required to build a massive YouTube channel with the potential to earn millions in revenue.  This seminar will take place at the internationally acclaimed Performer’s Academy (performersacademy.net) located in Southern California, the mecca of the entertainment industry on March 11th, 2018. 

In this first quarter of 2018 YouTube announced that more creators than ever are earning a living on YouTube, with the number of channels making over six figures up over 40% year-over-year.  Here's an example of a 6 year old who made $11 million last year reviewing toys on YouTube:


Hergott and The Performer’s Academy are bringing their combined experience with both traditional media successes as well as working with some of the top YouTube stars and Hollywood agents to show you how to be part of the new media internet explosion.  

The Performer’s Academy itself has had a number of past students who have achieved success on YouTube.  One such alumnus is Alexa Losey who has a million YouTube subscribers and 826,000 Instagram followers.  Two other past students are the kids in the family channel “We Are the Davises” with 1.6 million subscribers now making 6 figures per month on YouTube according to the social media data site Social Blade.

Hergott started his career as a traditional filmmaker as President of publicly traded Beverly Hills Entertainment company Imperia which produced multi-million dollar entertainment ventures such as “Say It In Russian” starring Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway which was directed by The Performer’s Academy head instructor Jeff Celentano.  Since then Hergott has had a number of successes writing and Executive Producing films about UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre (GSP), and producing content for major media conglomerates such as VICE Media and Mark Cuban’s HDNET (now AXS TV).  As well as massive success producing and growing YouTube channels from the ground up. 

Hergott states “YouTube is the future of entertainment and where actors and performers want to be going forward.  By teaming up with The Performer’s Academy we bring our unique qualifications and entertainment success to kids and teens alike, providing the opportunity to learn a nuts and bolts approach to everything you need to start and grow a successful YouTube channel.  For a select few we will provide additional assistance and connections to help maximize their potential.  It’s not the strongest or smartest who survive but those most able to adapt!  It’s important to be successful on this medium to learn both the technical and promotional side as well as being comfortable in front of the camera and performance components.  This venture provides the opportunity to learn all aspects.”  

In a premiere one day course offered to both kids and teens as well as their parents, Hergott will teach the key things needed to be successful with YouTube.  Curriculum includes:

-being comfortable in front of the camera

-how to create a story line, do a vlog, set up a livestream

-how to use a green screen

-how to film and light on a budget

-how to edit using iMovie 

-how to create thumbnails for optimal audience engagement

-how to tag and write description for optimal audience interaction and SEO (search engine optimization)

-how to upload videos

-how to avoid having videos banned or limited in terms of monetization, be it copyright issues, or content issues

-how to monetize, everything from merchandise to ads to sponsorship to affiliate programs

-how to add free domain music

-how to add end screens and intros/outros

-how to get sponsors

-sample filming which can be uploaded to a YouTube channel with tens of  thousands of views per video to give you a real time demonstration of the process, beginning to end

-Q&A in an intimate environment for hands on assistance 

The all day program is now offered at a promotional rate of $200 per child/teen and parent(s).  Space is limited on a first come, first served basis on March 11th, 2018.  For more information contact us at: jameshergott@gmail.com

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